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Addiction is a disease like no other. It attacks a person physically, emotionally, mentally and, especially, spiritually. When a person becomes addicted to a substance or an activity, like gambling for example, their world gets smaller and smaller, until isolation, guilt and anxiety, become too much to deal with.

At Yana we believe in treating the addict with the respect and dignity they deserve.

No one chooses addiction as a way of life

We help the addict, their families and friends, see addiction for what it is: A treatable illness that requires love and compassion – the touchstones needed for a person to recover from the debilitating effects of alcoholism and addiction.

Recovery from addiction is possible

At Yana Recovery and Addiction Services we believe that every person should be given the chance to reclaim their lives and find meaningful, fulfilled sobriety.


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We provide programs for individuals and programs including:



Yana Recovery Services also offers programs on a variety of educational topics for staff training and development such as: drug-free workplace, what chemical dependency is, how to get an employee and their families into treatment, building an in-house knowledge base for treating employees with addiction.

You are not alone


your addictions counsellors

Brad Bodnarchuk

Addictions Counselor

B.A., BT.H., M.TH., CD.P, BCC

Brad is a Hazelden-trained, and educated, counsellor who believes deeply in treating the person with respect, love and compassion. His own recovery journey gives him tremendous insight into how the person afflicted with the disease of addiction needs to be cared for. Brad also believes that the whole family is impacted by the disease of alcoholism and addiction and offers support and strategies of recovery for the entire family. Brad’s spiritual insights and practices are invaluable assets for those seeking to renew their lives with spiritual principles as their guideposts.

Jamie Miley

Addictions Counselor

B.A., M.DY., M.A., (Addictions Counselling), BCC

Jamie is also a Hazelden-trained and educated counsellor. He believes that every person deserves to lead happy and fulfilled lives. That happiness and fulfillment can’t happen in an addictive state of being. Jamie works with clients compassionately to help them find their own path of recovery. Jamie’s own recovery journey has taught him the way to recovery is through love and respect of the still-suffering addict/alcoholic.

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